Fight for Justice is Far From Over

April 20, 2021
Subject: Fight for Justice is Far From Over
Even with the convictions for the murder of George Floyd, we must remember that the work for racial equity and justice is still far from over. Just this past week, we have seen Republican's forming an "America First '' caucus sounding the dog whistles of "preservation of the Anglo-Saxon race". The Republican legislature in Iowa has continued to ban the efforts of teaching implicit bias training, de escalation training, and even the 1619 Project in our schools and workplaces. Our local state senator, Roby Smith has passed a voter suppression bill that disproportionately impacts people of color and women in making it more difficult to vote. Even Davenport Alderman, Ray Ambrose has attended an extremist 2nd Amendment rally and frequently uses his platform on the city council to assert his radical, conservative opinions.
This extreme right wing behavior based on hate and deep-seated racism is not acceptable. Racial justice is a human rights issue and a workers’ rights issue. The Scott County Democrats stand against hate & racism in all forms. Local and national leaders who disparage and threaten Democratic and Progressive groups that fight for justice and equality are the real threat to our democracy.  Democrats will not be deterred from continuing to fight for liberty and justice for all because Black Lives Matter.