What we're thankful for in 2017

Here at the Scott County Democrats, we hope you all have a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving Day!

While we understand if you don’t want to talk politics at the dinner table, we do encourage you to say what you’re thankful for. Here’s our list. What’s yours?

  1. For our families, friends and community members.

  2. For freedom. For our Military Service Members who protect our families, and as a result can’t be with theirs today.

  3. For putting food on the table. For Iowa’s farmers, who feed so much of our state, country and planet. For organized labor, that fights for and ensures worker benefits like the minimum wage and paid time off with our families and friends.

  4. For safer and healthier food at the table. For regulations that tell us what’s in our food, how it’s made, and where it came from.

  5. For the health of our loved ones. For the nearly 20 Million Americans who have gained medical coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and for the health care workers who provide for a better quality of life.

  6. For opportunity for all. For Social Security, Medicaid, Public Schools, for the ADA, for the Civil Rights Act, for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and for so much more.

  7. For cleaner air and water. Thanks to strong regulation and consistent enforcement, the US has dramatically reduced air and water pollution over the past 40 years, while the economy, population and energy use have all continued to grow.

  8. For the over 3 Million women who showed up across the country to have their voices heard, and that continue to drive a groundswell of new activism. For the activists in many other groups who are organizing around their passion and building movements from the grass roots.

  9. For an amazing crop of Democratic Candidates for Iowa Governor and other statewide offices.

  10. For Virginia. For hope. For 2018.