Scott County Democratic Party strongly condemns

The Scott County Democratic Party strongly condemns the recent executions of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. Hate and racial violence have no place in our community, this evil has no place in our nation. We are better than this. We must be better than this. We must.

The Scott County Democrats stand for lifting people up, opening doors, and giving everyone an equal chance. We are fighting to elect leaders that will work to protect and expand guaranteed freedoms in our Constitution and Bill of Rights for all Americans.

While we cannot overnight, reverse centuries old, systemic racism, we must stand together to elect public servants who will commit to being held accountable and will work everyday to make our communities safe and free of violence for everyone. Stand up and speak out with us now and at the ballot box on November 3rd.

In Solidarity,
Elesha Gayman
Scott County Democratic Party