Meet the Candidates: June 2, 2020, Primary

We have a strong field of candidates for all offices - U.S.Senate, U.S. House to County Supervisor.

Office Level Candidate
U.S. Senator Federal Michael Franken
U.S. Senator Federal Kimberly Graham
U.S. Senator Federal Theresa Greenfield
U.S. Senator Federal Eddie J. Mauro
U.S. Senator Federal Cal Woods
U.S. Representative Federal Rita R. Hart
State Senate - 46 State Chris Brase
State House - 89 State Monica Kurth (incumbent)
State House - 90 State Cindy Winckler (incumbent)
State House - 92 State Jennifer Kakert
State House - 93 State Phyllis Thede (incumbent)
State House - 94 State Marie Gleason
State House - 97 State Ryan Zeskey
Scott County Board of Supervisors County Jazmin Newton
Scott County Board of Supervisors County Rogers Kirk Jr.
Scott County Auditor County Roxanna Moritz (incumbent)
Scott County Sheriff County Pete Bawden