Help the Petition Drive for Special Election for County Auditor

Petition Drive for Special Election for County Auditor

On April 23rd the Democratic Scott County Auditor resigned after having just been reelected in November 2020. As per law the Scott County Board of Supervisors had to convene and decide whether to nominate an individual to the position or hold a special election. The Republican controlled board on a partisan vote opted to nominate a new auditor. They also indicated to the media they know that candidate and only one person was under consideration -- a blatant disregard of Iowa's open meeting laws.


We do have recourse. We can petition the board for a special election. This normally would not take much effort however; Under the new voter suppression law championed by our local state Republican Senator Roby Smith, the task just became markedly more difficult.


The Board of Supervisors Republican majority named their appointment today. From May 26th to 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 8th, we will need to collect signatures of 10% of the 2020 voter total, specifically just under 10,000 signatures. Please step up to help with this democratic effort!

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